Plan for the Albania tour and make a visit to the beautiful destinations


Albania is a small Mediterranean country that is full of unusual mixture of a number of religions, styles and cultures and also represented as the outstanding sites of ancient Greek age, temples and monasteries. Although, this country is not as popular among the travelers as the others tourist countries but main advantage of this place is that it is less crowded and much cheaper than other destinations. You should also plan for the Albania travel if you are found of charming landscapes, wild nature, picturesque mountains and wonderful beaches. Your round trip to the most interesting and important places would be great opportunity to know about the country in a better way.


Albania: best way to explore most magnificent places

Albania, as the mixture of tradition and modernity with the stunning scenery is said to be Europe’s must see destinations. If you are going to Travel in Albania then you can also make choice Albania touring. It totally depends upon you if you want to plan for the short or long trips while it can be best way to explore Albania. Definitely you can visit the national museum, national art galleries, good cuisine and even traditional bazaars. Your tour will be a combination of the history, archaeology, sandy beaches, cafes and restaurants. Some of the typical Albania products are expressed to be from generations and stand as an example.

Plan for your trip

Many of the online tour planners can help you with the best tour packages. People only need to make choice that with which type of tour package they would be comfortable. Whether you want to experience central Albania tour, trip through history, sunny south tour, magic Riviera tour, northern trip or you are just expecting for the warm and quiet climatic tour. Along with the historical cultural sites people can also experience the city night life, casino, beaches and even many of the fun sporty activities.

One should definitely visit given below places in Albania


The large Skanderbeg is the best place to see in the city of Tirana. In the east it is bounded by the Dajti Mountain that is located at the centre of Tirana. The riches and largest museum of Albania, the national historic museum is situated near the Tirana international hotel. This place is palace of culture with its own café, restaurant, theater and art galleries. There is also archaeological museum that is exhibited with the middle and pre historic age period. The major sites of Tirana also include the museum of national culture, the museum of national history and beautiful art galleries.


In Albania Durres is the important harbor big city. This city is like home for many of the historical and cultural sites. Visitors find great interest in the archaeological buildings that contains both the roman and Hellenic periods. Besides culture and history people can also find beautiful places that can also be taken as the modern vacations hotels, sandy beaches and metropolitan feel. You can also find excellent accommodations and restaurants all along the sea edges.

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