Top 5 Reasons Behind the Popularity of Rent Courchevel Option


The ski resort village of Courchevel has something to offer for every mood and taste. Due to its tremendous appeal and amazing location, every ski or mountain lovers wish to spend days or months here. However, when it comes to buying property here, the price is more expensive than one can imagine. But this didn’t stop tourists from visiting this place as the renting of properties has become available for price that people can afford. Here are some of the main reasons for why rent Courchevel option has become so popular over the years.

Diversity of Skiing Slopes

One of the very first reason that more and more people prefer to rent Courchevel properties, is because of the delightful diversities that this charming resort has to offer. Boasting the spirit of the snow-clad mountains, this resort offers massive slopes of 600 kilometers, that have gone to a height of 3200 meters. The variety of slopes here enable the skiers to practice all levels of skiing. Whether you’re a beginner or a skiing expert, the different slope will cater to your requirements perfectly.

Year-Round Activities

Though the resort of Courchevel ensures snow from the early weeks of December to the very end of April, but it doesn’t mean that the activities here are limited only to the winter season. Yes, this resort is known for offering various snow activities all around the year as well. Though it is indeed skiing that is the main attraction here, but there are also plenty of other activities to do and places to explore here as well, even when there is no snow.

Easy Accessibility

Though there are many ski resorts in the Alps, but at the end, people prefers to rent Courchevel properties as they offer the easiest accessibility. Not only that the properties that are for rent here is located very near to the skiing slopes, but they are also well-connected with the nearby airports. While from the Chambery Airport this resort area is 1 hour of distance; from Geneva Airport it only takes 2 hours to reach Courchevel.

Luxury Unlimited

Last but not the least, the properties that are here for rent in Courchevel appeals to people because of their world-class offerings and luxurious living style. Unlike other ski resort areas, the property rent is not that much high. Maintaining a perfect balance between luxury and elegance, the rental properties their modern facilities and top class services.

One Featuring Four Resorts

The Courchevel ski resort is not a single resort but is a collection of four different ski resort villages that are situated on different altitudes. Therefore, it is easily imaginable how widespread will be the skiing and staying options here. Catering to the various need of beginners as well as the professional skiers, the four resorts here are meant to suit different budgets of the travelers.

By offering spellbinding vistas to easy accessibility to all the local facilities and transport options, the Courchevel ski resort comes as a whole package in itself. Leasing a property being the most suitable option for spending quality time here, the option of rent Courchevel properties has naturally become popular than ever.

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