Where to Get Good Airport Taxi Services in Munich?


Traveling to Munich? You’ve come to the perfect place. In this post, we’re going to cover the main means of transportation you can opt for, in order to arrive at your accommodation right away. The greater majority of tourists get to the beautiful capital of Bavaria either by plane, particularly foreign travelers.

S-Bahn Railway

First things first, the Munich Airport is situated 40km from the city center, and it is directly linked to the city via an S-Bahn Railway. There are two train lines, namely, S8 and S1, which will take you to town in about 45 minutes. Every ten minutes, a train comes, and they run regularly from 4am to 1:30am.

Where can you buy tickets? You can purchase these tickets at any ticket machine, or at the manned counter, located in the central area. You can choose from the following alternatives:


  • Single person ticket priced at 11 euros; if you’re traveling alone, this card enables you to travel the entire day, in exchange for that fee.
  • Group ticket – 20 euros; it’s highly recommended for groups up to five adults. Children aged under six can travel free of charge.

Both types of tickets ensure unlimited transportation for 24 hours’ time. Plus, you don’t need to stamp them since they’re already stamped.

Note that you can use these tickets for the entire network, which includes buses, underground trains – U-Bahn trains, and S-Bahn trains. Avoid traveling without a ticket, since you’ll receive a fine.

Airport Taxi Munich

If you wish to reach your destination rapidly, and choose private transportation, as opposed to public transportation, that is a possibility as well. There are inexpensive, convenient alternatives, even though you might assume that airport taxi transfers leave you bankrupt.

For instance, you can obtain excellent rates if you book your transfers in advance. The price includes your luggage, child seats, and you benefit from the assistance of a professional driver. If you come to Munich with an extended group, or with your entire family, this is, by far, an ideal solution. You can split the charges, and travel privately to your accommodation. Afterward, you’ll be able the get around the city by foot, as it’ll be much easier, luggage-free.

Car rental

If you wish to explore Munich and its unique surroundings, you can always opt for professional car rental services. For instance, SchlossNeuschwanstein is a popular destination outside Munich, and many tourists visit the castle, as you’d expect, since it’s a fantasticdestination, one of the most breathtaking castles in Europe. Ideally, you should rent a car if you wish to get there. The bus is filled with tourists, which makes traveling there tiring and exhausting, not to mention that it takes a lot of time. Hence, this is the perfect solution if you wish to arrive there quickly and hassle free. You’ll be able to find plenty of car rental companies right at the airport, or in any other parts of the town.

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